How to Keep Weeds out of Your Lawn and Landscaping

How to Keep Weeds out of Your Lawn and Landscaping

Weeds can be an eyesore on your manicured, landscaped lawns. Keeping weeds away is key to having the yard you've dreamed of. With some simple steps, you can reduce weed growth in your lawn.


These tips and tricks are perfect for keeping your outdoor spaces free from weeds.iStock-177391388.jpg

1. Mulch Your Landscaping

Mulch is a great help in suppressing the growth of weeds. Layering your mulch on top of thin biodegradable fabrics or newspaper can help to stifle weed seeds in the ground even further. Organic mulches can also invite small insects and critters to your yard that will take care of weeds for you. Properly laid mulches also keep soil cool and damp, which is perfect for growing decorative flora.

2. Strategize Your Watering

Drying weeds out is perfect to ensure they never return. Through strategic sprinklers or watering paths, you can deprive intruding weeds of hydration and still nourish the greenery you want. Placing short-range sprinklers around your landscaped plants and grasses will keep them healthy and deny weeds their water. If you manually water, be thoughtful in where you direct the stream.iStock-680166294.jpg

3.  Pull Weeds After Rain

When weeds do happen, it's important to get rid of them, so they don't continue to germinate. After rain, the soil in your lawn or garden will be particularly loose. That's the perfect time for pulling. Grab your gardening gloves and a towel to kneel on to protect your clothes, and get to yanking those weeds. For notably embedded weeds, using a fork can be helpful in grasping and removing the roots.

4. Plant Cover Plants

Cover plants, or cover crops, are any plant whose leaves or flowers have a wide breadth. This cover will cast extra shade over open soil, making it difficult for weed seeds to germinate. Luckily, cover plants are also gorgeous additions to any lawn. Densely planting grasses will also create some cover in your yard.

With these tips, we hope you can keep your lawn free of weeds and looking gorgeous.