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3 Fun Lunchbox Ideas For Back-To-School

It's that time of year again! The first few weeks of a new school year can be very stressful for kids. New friends, new teachers and lots of new things to learn. But lunchtime gives your kiddos a break from their busy day, and a chance to catch their breath. Why not bring a smile to their faces when they open their lunchbox?  Here are some great ideas to turn tried-and-true favorites into a guaranteed smile for your little ones!

Crafting a DIY Shoe Rack

We're all guilty of it — that pile of shoes thrown haphazardly beside the door. When you finally get home after a long day, you just want to peel off your shoes and go relax. Shoe racks to keep in the entryway of your home are ideal to reduce clutter...

Flowers That Grow From Seed To Bloom In One Spring

It is the time of year to start making your garden plans! Spring is so exciting because after the long, dreary winter months, when we are looking forward to the bustle of spring. Birds tweeting, bumblebees buzzing, and flowers abound. But, many varieties of spring flowers need to be planted...

How to Start Your Own Vegetable Garden

Are you ready to start your gardening adventure? Gardening is great for many reasons such as growing your own food, stress-relief, and it makes a wonderful hobby. If you're just getting started on your vegetable garden, then these tips might help get you off to a successful start.   BED...

Quick & Easy Gift Wrapping Shortcuts

It's that time of year again! It's "scour the house looking for the three rolls of transparent tape you know you own but cannot find" season. We've all been there. However, as the hustle and bustle of December is quickly approaching there are some ways you can save some of your precious time.  Using some of these gift wrapping shortcuts will leave give you just a little more time on your hands, and maybe even help you find those lost rolls of tape.

A Simple New Year's Resolution- Clean and Organize Your Closet

The New Year is a time of transformation. People around the world make resolutions to better themselves. Whether it's a resolution to take better care of yourself or a resolution to work harder, it all starts at home. Perhaps you have heard of the benefits of making your bed each morning or the benefits of making sure that your home is in order.

A Little Landscaping Makes A Utility Shed Shine

You finally reclaimed your garage and got that new utility shed out back, but as you look at it now your sense of accomplishment is tempered. It’s a beautiful shed, just the right size to fit all your gardening equipment, your lawnmower and now you have the space you need to work on all those long-delayed projects, but something is missing. Then it hits you — landscaping.  

Portable Sheds: Don't Pay for Storage Away From Home

Is your garage is overflowing? Do you have a bunch of items hanging around the house that you "think" you should just go rent a storage unit? Think again. Portable Sheds are the solution to your problem.