Choosing the Best Flowers for Your Garden

Choosing the Best Flowers for Your Garden

Spring is in the air, and the drab colors of winter have overstayed their welcome. It's time to start planning a spring flower garden! Whether you're revamping an existing bed or starting a new one, there are lots of floral options out there that are sure to add some stunning curb appeal to your property. But how are you to decide which flowers are best for your particular garden?

Ultimately, you have to make some decisions based on personal preference, but there are ways to narrow down the endless array of bulbs, buds, and blooms. Let's explore!

Sun or Shade?

sunny flowers

Is your future flower garden sprawled beneath the dark shade of leafy trees? Is it in the full sun next to an outbuilding? Many types of flowers will only thrive in shade, while others need full sun, and won't even develop in the shade. Make sure the flowers you choose are appropriate for your location's lighting.

The Depth Perception

raised bed garden

If your flower garden is positioned in front of a tall object such as a house wall, privacy fence, or the like, you would do well to give the bed some depth by choosing plants of three different styles. This is a concept we learned from a florist who specialized in flower arrangements; the idea is to have a thriller, a filler, and a spiller.

The thriller is a tall plant that is positioned in the back. It could be shrubs, prominent flowering stalks, or large leafy plants like elephant ears. Next comes the filler, which can be a variety of medium-height annual or perennial flowers that cover the majority of the area. Last of all, the spiller is a low-lying plant that may spread across the ground and spill beautifully over your border; this could be something like alyssum, sedum, or creeping phlox.

This method gives the garden an interesting layout, prevents an awkward look, and transforms an otherwise boring area.

Color Coordination

Choose flowering plants whose hues blend well or contrast appropriately. For instance, if the majority of your flowers are shades of light pinks and purples, it's probably not a good choice to place bright orange and yellow lilies in the middle. But if you're going for a bright colorful theme, by all means sprinkle the bed with every color of the rainbow! If your home or outbuilding is not a neutral tone, you may need to keep its color in mind and try to complement it as well.

Birds, Bees, and Butterflies

butterfly on flower

If you're interested in encouraging the presence of little fluttering wildlife, you can find specific plants that they love. Milkweed (which comes in a variety of color options) attracts monarch butterflies, bee balm and columbine are great for hummingbirds, and honey bees like all sorts of flowers including zinnias, echinacea, verbena, and more.

You've Got This!

woman buying flower plants

Preparing for spring projects can be exciting, so make sure to enjoy every minute of your flower garden adventure. Try not to get bogged down with too many details, just keep it simple and have fun! Making doable goals will result in a greater sense of satisfaction in the end.

Happy gardening!