How to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs This Valentine's Day

How to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs This Valentine's Day

Hot cocoa bombs are the latest fun wintertime tradition. If you're looking for a cute Valentine's Day gift or activity, try making these easy hot cocoa bombs.


How to Make a Hot Cocoa Bomb

Every hot cocoa bomb recipe consists of a hard chocolate for the shell and a hot cocoa powder for the inside. To make the shell, you'll want to get half-circle molds and melting chocolate or candy melts.

Melt the chocolate per the instructions and then pour a thin layer into each mold cavity. Tip it over and let the excess run back into your pot until you're left with a thin layer on the inside of the mold. The hot cocoa bomb will need to be hollow so you can fill it with your hot cocoa powder once it cools. 

Once it cools, remove the half-circles from the mold and fill one side with your hot cocoa powder. Use a little bit of the melted chocolate around the edge of the half-circle and then press the filled half-circle and another half-circle together. Once it has set, you now have a hot cocoa bomb! Add hot milk or water and watch it melt and turn into delicious hot cocoa.

Making Your Hot Cocoa Bombs More Fun

Add Sprinkles and Marshmallows

An easy way to add some fun to your hot cocoa bombs is to add sprinkles and/or marshmallows to the inside before you seal it up. When it melts, they will pop out of the hot cocoa bomb and float to the top!

Use different flavors and colors

Try making your hot cocoa bombs with different flavors and colors of melting chocolate. See if you can find different flavors of hot cocoa powder to try as well for a truly customizable experience!


  Decorate the Outside

Use melting chocolate and sprinkles on the outside of your hot cocoa bombs to make them look like they were made by a professional. Use a different color melting chocolate to add contrasting colors. 


Hot cocoa bombs are fun and easy to make. Give them out as gifts to friends and family, or make them with your partner for a fun Valentine's Day activity. Have fun trying out these different techniques and seeing what creations you can make!