Flowers That Grow From Seed To Bloom In One Spring

It is the time of year to start making your garden plans! Spring is so exciting because after the long, dreary winter months, when we are looking forward to the bustle of spring. Birds tweeting, bumblebees buzzing, and flowers abound. But, many varieties of spring flowers need to be planted in fall- a depressing prospect if you missed the fall-planting window. But, not to worry, read on for FIVE flower varieties that you can plant for flowers this spring, and one to plant for flowers next year.


These flowers do exceptionally well when planted in the early spring. Primrose is usually yellow, but are available in other colors as well. They start brightening the garden in early spring. Start Primrose seeds inside and transplant to the garden after last frost.


These flowers are easy to care for and thrive in cool conditions. They are often purple and yellow. Pansies do best in bright, sunny locations, but they can also survive some shade. Pansies are very hardy and will handle a late frost like a champ.

Sweet Alyssum

These flowers can be planted in the spring and bring a bright white hue to the garden. Start Alyssum in the house and transplant after the last frost. Sweet Alyssum appreciates full sun or partial shade.

These plants also have small happy white flowers on them. Plant Claytonia BEFORE the last frost. They prefer full shade or part-shade locations.

Creeping Phlox

Phlox is a great option for brightening up the garden in colors from pink, purple or blue. It is low-growing and is great for rock gardens. Creeping phlox is much easier to grow starting from plants rather than seeds and prefers bright, sunny locations.

This beautiful spring flower comes in many shades, so there's guaranteed to be a color to delight. Although these are beautiful flowers, they can sometimes take multiple seasons to develop before they bloom. They are a wonderful option for shady areas.

If you plant these flowers in your garden, you'll be enjoying flowers before you know it.