Creative Charcuterie Board Ideas For Your Next Fall Gathering

Creative Charcuterie Board Ideas For Your Next Fall Gathering

As the leaves change color and a chill creeps in, the best way to celebrate the new season is a get-together with friends or family. To feed your guests, we recommend a classic charcuterie spread, updated for fall. The name of the charcuterie board game is combination; each component should mesh with the others, so choose complimentary flavors. Below are some tips and ideas to get you started.

The first step is choosing your meat. Meat is the backbone of the board, supporting all the other components. Prosciutto is always popular, while salami and sopressata are classic choices. If you're adventurous, a spicy calabrese might add a nice heat.

Next are the cheeses. The rule of thumb is two hard and two soft cheeses, but it's also important to mix funky cheeses with milder cheeses. The mix of textures and flavors will make for delightful combinations and keep your guests going back for more. Brie, gorgonzola, and goat cheese make great soft cheese choices. Goat cheese can even be dressed up with a little honey (or, if you're up for it,  hot honey). Cheddar, manchego, and asiago are crowd-pleasing hard cheeses.

Now comes the fun part: all the additions. These pieces of the charcuterie board are what will ultimately give it the fall flair you want. Nuts are versatile, so they're a great option to add either a savory or sweet element. Honey-roasted almonds add sweetness to the board, while cinnamon-cayenne pecans add warm spice. Fresh or dried fruit is a great addition to any board, refreshing the palette between bites of fatty meats. For fall, look for dried cranberries, figs, apples, and pears. You can even dust cinnamon on top. Dips and spreads can also elevate your board. Stone-ground mustard's acidity packs a punch, while orange marmalade, fig jam, and apple butter are perfect sweet spreads for fall. 

Once you've assembled all these pieces, you're ready to add the crackers and bread and serve. Breads and crackers with rosemary or sage will complement the fall flavors you've already woven into the board, and you could pull out an unexpected sleeve of gingersnap cookies to add some whimsy to your board. 

No matter what you choose to include on your fall charcuterie board, you'll have a room full of your friends and family complimenting your charcuterie skills. Happy snacking!