A Simple New Year's Resolution- Clean and Organize Your Closet

A Simple New Year's Resolution- Clean and Organize Your Closet

The New Year is a time of transformation. People around the world make resolutions to better themselves. Whether it's a resolution to take better care of yourself or a resolution to work harder, it all starts at home. Perhaps you have heard of the benefits of making your bed each morning or the benefits of making sure that your home is in order. 

It all starts at home. When you set your home up to suit your goals, you are much more likely to succeed. So, why not start there? Your closest is the place you will visit every morning as you prepare for the day, and it should suit your needs. 


Keep it Clean

There is no better place to start than by cleaning out your closest. Depending on the level of neglect, you may find it crammed to the brim with junk. Have an honest conversation with yourself about each thing you pull out of it. Is it something that you need or use? If not, it's probably time to let it go. Donate what you can and throw away what is no longer any good. 


Organize it

Now That you've whittled down the contents of your closet down to the essentials, it's time to organize them in a way that makes sense for your needs. Clothes and shoes should be accessible to make getting ready in the morning as efficiently as possible. Check out this guide on closet organizing.


Keeping it Clean

Developing a system of organization, including racks, tubs, and shelves, will help ensure that your closet stays clean. Assigning a function to each storage unit will ensure you don't have to think about where things go when you are putting them away or taking them out. 

The battle to do better starts at home. Keeping a clean and organized closet will pay dividends into your life every day by reducing stress, streamlining the process of getting ready, and providing a sense of control and direction to your home environment.