A Little Landscaping Makes A Utility Shed Shine

A Little Landscaping Makes A Utility Shed Shine

You finally reclaimed your garage and got that new utility shed out back, but as you look at it now your sense of accomplishment is tempered. It’s a beautiful shed, just the right size to fit all your gardening equipment, your lawnmower and now you have the space you need to work on all those long-delayed projects, but something is missing. Then it hits you — landscaping.

That utility shed will look even better when you get a few low-maintenance plants around the foundation, some strategically placed flowering shrubs, some perennials on the outer edges to bring a bit of color and a good layer of mulch the keep the weeds down and your utility shed becomes a beautiful part of your landscape. Those barren spaces around your new shed could also be the perfect spot to put out a few fruit and vegetable plants (tomatoes, peppers, squash).

Or, what about a path so that you don’t have to walk through the muck to get to your new utility building? There are plenty of options to consider from a simple gravel/stone walkways to imbedded stepping stones to more ornate brick-paver walking tracks linked to existing walkways, decks or driveways.

Your new wood or metal utility building does not have to be an eyesore. It can be one of the focal points on your property. Your new shed can meet all your needs for storage, organization, work and play space and be a star in your landscape plan as well.

For more information on utility sheds and storage buildings, contact the affiliates of the American Barn Group.